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We are working on Deep Learning based medical analysis systems (Radiology) together with
This first project, the Covid-19-Classifier was done in two weekend-coding sprints.
We intentionally quickly open sourced this project, in order to support our medical staff to fight Covid-19. A publication will follow.



We believe, adding another tool (Deep Learning, AI) to the set of potential Covid-19 tests is a worth-while endavour. Currently, as of this writing, globally there are not enough PCR tests or reagants for these tests. In addition, CT allows for minimal contact to patients. Therefore, our tool is meant as a proposal for the medical community for an additional test. Note that this does not obsolete or replace a PCR test.


The importance of teleradiology: with the Covid-19 crisis coming to all parts of the globe, it is especially important to help countries with less chance of thorough PCR testing of their respective populations. Therefore, teleradiology can be a great additional tool for classifying / testing for Covid-19. X-ray machines exist in every part of the world. Our approach will also scale to x-ray pictures. For now, for the first version, we focused on CT scans, due to a higher sensitivity.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why a CT scan?

CT scans can clearly show a often termed "ground glass" structure of the lungs. Especially at the edge of the lungs. This is a good indication for Covid-19. typical ground glass COVID-19 image


A recent study by Ai T, Yang Z, Hou H et al. has shown that thorax CT images have a high sensitivity w.r.t to COVID-19. Thus, they can potentially detect COVID-19 quicker than the standard PCR lab test can. However, it is important to note that a negative CT scan image can not exclude COVID-19. We therefore see our approach as yet another tool in the toolbox of medical practitioners.


How long does a CT scan take?

5-10 Mins. However, it usually needs to be done in a hospital


How many "CT scan tests" would be do doable per day?

60-70 per day per devices.


Would the AI algorithm also work with X-ray images?
Yes! We also tried that. However, the sensitivity and specifity of CT scans is higher, especially axial CT scans. Note that x-ray has the advantage of having many x-ray machines globally.


Why do a CT scan when you can do a PCR test? To be clear: PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests are the preferred way. However, the PCR tests need to be sent to labs and currently there is a shortage of reagents. A CT scan can be an additional help whenever an immediate result is required. Also, CT scans are probably more sensitive.


How good is a human compared to an AI algorithm when interpreting CT scan images?
An experienced radiologist can probably still beat an AI algorithm but the race is on and it is close.

CT scans can potentially show Covid-19 infections even before the PCR test would raise the alarm.
     -- (Dr. Domagoj Javor, LifeTec).




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