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Note: only .jpg or .png files please. DICOM files will be available soon.
Currently, we only accept axial CT-images (often also called transverse plane) since they give higher accuracy and have higher sensitivity.



Don't have any axial CT scan images at hand? Try our Testing dataset. Just right-click "save as" and upload it.





Please make sure that:

  • - you hold the copyright for the pictures you upload
  • - no PII data is included in the pictures (e.g. patient's name is written on the picture or in the filename)
  • - that you do not upload patient's data without their consent or the consent of an ethics board.


Data protection notice

Deep-insights.ai will delete the pictures after classifying the images. We do no not keep the images you upload.

Deep-insights.ai can claim no responsibility concerning the uploaded pictures.

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